Msc. Sportpsychologist

Are you a professional poker player and do you want to improve your mindset? My name is Lex Ligtenberg and I coach poker players with improving their mindset to become mentally tough so they can handle the stress, setbacks and hardship involving poker. Together we will work intensively through one-on-one coaching so there’s nothing holding you back from achieving your poker dreams!

Sports psychologist

Do you want to get the most out of your poker career but are you struggling to perform under pressure, do you want to have better control over your emotions or do you just want to improve your mindset

If you want to aim for your highest level, you need to be physically as well as mentally in top condition. You are studying your ranges and reviewing your game to perform, but how do you make sure you’re in top shape mentally?

Mindset training by a high performance coach

A poker coach improves your game and a high performance mindset coach improves your mental game and you need them both to perform at your highest level, sounds easy right?

As your mindset coach I hand you different essential mental skills which are a crucial toolbox to perform at the highest level. In our one on one coaching sessions we lay a fundament so you:

  • Can better handle the stress
  • Make sure you don’t tilt
  • Have more control over your emotions
  • Have more self confidence in you and your poker career 

Can’t wait to start working together?


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The Yips: What Are They and How Can You Overcome Them? It’s actually a mental problem that becomes so severe that your brain can no longer control the muscles. Just before I hit the ball while chipping, a hiccup or startle movement would occur. I couldn’t sleep anymore; at 3 a.m., I would be out of bed practicing that chip motion. During training, there is no pressure. The yips really occur under pressure, the stress

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The poker mindset lab It’s January 3rd, 2024. Today, I’m out and about with the Pokerstudie team to kick off the new year on a high note. We’ve just finished a padel clinic, and I collapse into a chair at the bar, exhausted. I order a blue Aquarius, look around, and see some team members still working up a good sweat. I’m glad to be sitting down and open my phone. Someone just filled out the contact

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How to overcome a fear of falling on the bike? During the Haarlemmermeer Championship at the HSC de Bataaf course in Zwanenburg, we’re barely 10 minutes into the race when I feel my wheel slip in one of the still damp corners. Nothing out of the ordinary, it can happen of course. Except, a year ago, during the descent of the Hai Van Pass in Central Vietnam, I had a hard fall due to a

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